The Library, a hidden cocktail destination –

The Library, a hidden cocktail destination

This is a speakeasy one-of-its kind bar hidden behind a magic door in the Chinatown neighborhood.Top-Secret

Since its opening in September 2012, a weekly password that can only be obtained on the venue’s social media platforms enables the curious customers to access a hidden bar and restaurant, which itself is located behind a small shop featuring pop-up installations.
These short-lived happenings change every few months: a barber shop used to be showcased, right now is a tailor shop… themes range from arts, design, fashion, to lifestyle & music.



But the real magic actually operates within the bar…a venue dedicated to cocktails only, serving rather unconventional drinks – favouring lavish, silly and sometimes absurd presentation of cocktails (no additional infos about these secret drinks here, sorry TOP SECRET).Shrub-a-Dub-Dub





By controlling entry and forbidding any photography of the venue, this place really creates a genuine threshold between the everyday humdrum world and a whole new world inside the bar.
If you feel like you are escaping something or somewhere, then that’s the sign you are fully into it!

Welcome to The Library, a unique place in Singapore for those looking for an intimate and off-mainstream experience.
Get the access to their sneaky Facebook page here.

Then, it will be up to you to find the code that will give you the access for this week!

The library restaurant

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