The ESSENCE of Collage –

The ESSENCE of Collage

You will never see collage the same way. Out those school homeworks where you had to cut and paste different magazine pictures…

Antoine Rameau, French artist, living in Hong Kong for the past 5 years, is giving a different dimension to this kind of art by expressing his feelings through his photo-canvas…
He finds his inspiration in an eclectic range of sources including comics, Pop Art, Street Art and the Recycled Art movement…

His new exhibition is coming for the 1st time to Singapore and will present a series of vintage-style collages referring to iconic pin-ups and brands from the 1950-60s’ to express “THE ESSENCE” of dreams, beauty and desire, as well as the birth of “consumer society”.

The artist is will to do private visits to The Singapore Diaries readers, up to November 7th. Do send us an email to get an appointment:

See how Antoine Rameau works on his photo-collages:

Midas’ dream on Vimeo.

When: From November 3rd to the 21st
Where: Alliance Française de Singapour, Level 2, 1 Sarkies Road
Want to know more about the artist Check his website:


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