Tasty options for your festive dinners! –

Tasty options for your festive dinners!

Christmas is not far and a crucial question is already pointing out: what will I treat my guests for dinner with? If a chubby turkey is a must-have for most people, there is a handful of other possible options. Some of them like to have it traditional, some like it slightly more indulgent with truffle aromas, while others like the idea of playing with local flavours and would be ready to dare a Rendang interpretation of the poultry.

Which one will you pick?

Unless, you prefer to opt for a tasty honey baked ham, an oven-roasted suckling pig, a decadent crispy pork knuckle with roasted pumpkin and chestnuts, or for a mouth-watering roasted Australian Grass-Fed Rib Eye.

The less “meaty” ones might want to give a try to a whole salmon baked in a thick salt crust, which can be just as indulgent and quite fun when guests realize the dish needs cracking up with a hammer to be consumed.

Have fun and let your tastebuds get excited!


Where to find these gourmet delicacies?

° Traditional turkey: Carver’s (43 East Coast Road- +65 6348 0448), Marriott Hotel (+65 6831 4708 www.singaporemarriott.com/dining)

°Truffle Christmas Turkey: Mandarin Oriental Hotel; (+65 6883 3081 ; mosin-festive@mohg.com)

° Rendang Turkey Supreme: Royal Plaza on Scotts (+65 6589 7788 ; gourmet@royalplaza.com.sg)

° Rosemary Turkey: Fairprice Finest (http://goo.gl/sGsqDj)

° Mustard & Honey glazed Turkey with Cranberry sauce: Conrad + 65 6432 7487; sinci.fb@conradhotels.com

° Honey baked ham : The Marmelade Pantry +65 6467 7748 ; +65 6734 2700 ; enquiry.stables@themarmaladepantry.com.sg  / Marriott Hotel (+65 6831 4708; www.singaporemarriott.com/dining)

° Pineapple Honey baked gammon ham : Holiday Inn (+65 6731 7172; http://bit.ly/ShopAtHI)

° Slow-Roasted Australian Sirloin : Marriott Hotel (+65 6831 4708; www.singaporemarriott.com/dining )

° Oven-Roasted Suckling Pig, Crispy Pork Knuckle, Roasted Australian Grass-Fed Rib Eye: Mandarin Oriental Hotel: +65 6883 3081; mosin-festive@mohg.com

° Baked crust Salmon: Grand Hyatt Hotel (+65 6738 1234; singapore.grand@hyatt.com)



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