Our New Year’s Resolution list –

Our New Year’s Resolution list

With the New Year comes the same old song “New Resolutions”… so what?

It isn’t actually bad to take a step back to take decisions that will benefit yourself, family, work, etc!

No big steps needed, just small things that you can follow, be it for your happiness, health, fitness, life or career, if you decide to make a first step, here at The Singapore Diaries, we have a bunch of ideas that we want to share with you! Most of them are super easy to accomplish so don’t be pushed away by another New Year’s resolution list…

Take a screen capture, download the list or print it out, so that it is easy to look at our ideas when you need an inspiring mate!


If you want some good people to help you with some of these, see below:

Life & Business Coach:

Nawal: nawal.bendefa@gmail.com

Raphaëlle: raphaellechoel@gmail.com

Self-development (Gringberg Method):

Nicole: ngilggeymayer@me.com

Nutriponcture and Transgenerational therapy:

Pascale: psycho.energie@gmail.com

Personal trainer:

Gabriel: gabrielone15marina@icloud.com


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