Living 3 lives in 1 year… –

Living 3 lives in 1 year…

We are not that far away from the festivities season. If you want to keep the mood of Christmas, gatherings, food and nice time this is the book that will make you have that moment (imagine you have a fireplace and are seating on your couch with a blanket over your legs and a warm cup of tea…) although this is not really a Christmas book!

Cassie, a young woman with a heartbreak, will make you travel around New York, Paris and London, while trying to reconstruct her life. After discovering her husband is not the man she thought he was, she decides to leave the Scottish countryside for one year to try to find herself at the side of her 3 best friends, each one living in a different city and with a totally different lives! Cassie plans to spend 4 months with each one of them and adapt her life to their high demanding lifestyles.

This story has a little bit of the Sex and the City spice, the glamour of Paris and the freshness of 3 new starts…

Will she find her true self? and maybe at the same time a new love?

An easy read to live different situations and get to know different cities while you enjoy Singapore’s warm weather!


Kindle: 9,19 USD

Paper edition (596 pages): starting at 6,57 USD + shipping

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