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Your next read

Seat back and imagine…

Singapore in the 1830’s.

Charlotte, sister of Singapore’s head of police’s, arrives in a ship to join her brother.

At the same time, 2 Chinese men are also getting to Singapore to find a new prosperous life by marrying an influential Baba’s daughter that will help them to spread their business quickly. 

Love doesn’t matter…

Or does it?


Let you carry on by this imbricated story of two different persons, from two different cultures that can not have a common future, unless they break the established rules…

Once you read it, you will not see Singapore the same way.

This novel has a Singapore History background that will help you understand how Singapore used to be, and how it has become what the Little Red Dot City is today. Singapore’s melting pot and mores will unfold under your eyes while you are hooked to this passionate and forbidden affair.

In China there is a belief that people who are destined to be together are connected by an invisible red thread.

The Red Thread, Dawn Farnham, 328 pages, 2007

Kindle version: 1,99 USD

Paperback version: 17,82 SGD

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