You are the one for me.. for me… for-mi-da-ble –

You are the one for me.. for me… for-mi-da-ble

No matter what body type you are, there is always a solution to sublime your magnificent body.

Curvy and sexy? Sure! Thanks to that A skirt, dress or pants.

However, not all A-line skirts are created equal so keep on reading if you want to know get some personal shopper secrets!

The cut of the skirt is to be considered but first and foremost, you need to assess the fabric type.

Here are top 3 fabric considerations for your curves (also apply if you are more or equally curvy on the top):

1. Consider the drape of the fabric.

The fabric that looks flattering on curves is the one that feels fluid and drapes along the body rather than the one that is stiff and sits away from your body making you look bigger than you really are.

Tip: Look for fabrics that feel soft, pliable and light to medium weight (Chiffon, Voile, Challis, Charmeuse, Dupioni, linen hopsack) instead of stiff or wiry and heavy weight (stiffer cotton fabrics, velvet, courdroy, thicker denim, jacquard, heavy weight linen). But beware of clingy fabrics (eg: knit jersey material with lycra) that may feel soft but because of the stretch can cling to your body!

Examples soft, drapey fabric vs stiff fabric:


2. Consider the texture of the fabric.

The texture is determined by the feel of the fabric when you touch it. In order to avoid adding bulk, fabrics that are smooth and minimal texture are best suited for parts where you don’t want to add bulk.

Tip: Assess both texture and weight together. While velvet might feel smooth textured and soft to feel, it can be heavy weight, making the fabric cling to parts that you don’t want to bring attention to.

3. Consider the finish of the fabric.

Fabric that has a sheen or shine will accentuate curves while matt surface is non-reflective making it more suitable for camouflaging.

Tip: Dark coloured matt fabrics have a better camouflaging effect than dark coloured shiny fabrics. The A-line skirt can be the best shape for that curvy bottom but don’t forget your body shape is defined by the outline of your clothing and the key to selecting the best style is to find right the combination of fabric, cut and design to create a silhouette that looks well-balanced and proportionate.


So here you go! Now your know some fashion designer tips that will perfect your divine look.

If you think your friend will be gorgeous by following these tips, be nice and share them with her!

And keep in touch for our upcoming personal image assessment contest!

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