SIN —> CGK –


Nopes,  we are not using text messaging language,  we are just talking “airport codes“. And these 2 could be the starting and the arrival point of your next escapade.

The first one (SIN) is a pretty straight forward code, isn’t it? I guess you have guessed we are talking about Singapore; but the second one (CGK) is a more tricky one. We’ll avoid you the little Google search and we’ll tell you we are talking about Jakarta.

Now that you know the departure and arriving destinations, try to imagine yourself with a friend, husband, partner or whoever you want to fly with you, seating in the business class and enjoying all Air France KLM treats while you plan your visit to (re)discover Jakarta.

Sunda Kelapa (during the Kingdom of Sunda period), Jayakarta, Djajakarta or Jacatra (during the short period of the Banten Sultanate), Batavia (under the Dutch colonial empire) and Djakarta or Jakarta (during the Japanese occupation and still nowadays), are the names that Jakarta has known. Such a rich history you will be able to discover with a partner in crime thanks to Air France KLM who, since yesterday, started flying to this new destination.

Ready to get 2 Air France KLM business class tickets to Jakarta?

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Airport taxes may apply (S$89).

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Win 2 business class tickets to Jakarta thanks to Air France

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