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3 questions you should have asked before you bought that dress you never wear

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A study conducted few years back showed that 44% of women surveyed hated shopping for clothes.

Unbelievable as it may sound!

These are women who have realized that besides the frustration of having to, negotiate through busy shopping malls, make futile attempts at getting useful recommendations from unconvincing shop assistants and endless trips back forth to the changing room to find the right size, what left them even more confused and dissatisfied after all that was the finding themselves standing in front of the wardrobe full of impulsive buys and what were seemingly good shopping purchases and not knowing what to wear.

While not all of us may have reached this stage of categorically hating shopping but we all have at least more often than not had the ‘nothing to wear’ feeling, as we look at a dress and wondered what on earth we were thinking when we bought it.

The fact is, although shopping, especially clothes shopping, is supposed to be a fun, leisurely, almost mindless activity, we need to have a plan to shop smart so that the effects of retail therapy are not short-lived, dampened by an uninspiring wardrobe collection.


Part of the plan begins with asking yourself the right questions.

Let’s say you are considering buying a dress, here are the first 3 key questions you must consider:

Question 1: How many times do I see myself wearing this dress?

If the answer is ‘I’ll wear it for a friend’s wedding or at a cousin’s birthday party’ and some such event that you are likely to attend only once a year, then move on to look for other options.

If the style or design of the dress is so particular that it cannot adapt to at least 2 formality levels, it is just going to be one of the things that takes up space in your wardrobe rather than really be part of your functional wardrobe.

Question 2: Will this dress match at least 3 of my accessories (shoes, bag and jewelry) to create different looks?

Look for versatility. Just by wearing different combination of accessories, you can create a different look.

Aim to create more with less and you will never have a wardrobe that fails to meet your lifestyle needs.

Question 3: Is the dress made with good quality material that will not look like a rag cloth after one wash?

There is a saying ‘you need to be rich to buy cheap’. You may be saving money on fast fashion but if it only lasts you less than a month, you will end up spending many times on low quality stuff at cheap prices than paying once for good quality and having something that lasts longer.


It has been evident through studies that mood has an inborn reflex with respect to our clothing.  What we wear has an impact on how we feel and the key lies in working out how to reduce the ‘appearance labour’ (defined by researchers as the physical and mental effort involved in dressing well) and clothes shopping will be more enjoyable when your clothes are a constant source of pleasure.

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