Oh souvenirs, souvenirs… –

Oh souvenirs, souvenirs…

Looking for some nice local ideas to take back to your beloved ones at home? We have been searching for those unique products with a distinct Singaporean DNA that can recall your entourage the time they spent in Singapore or that will give a taste of what Singapore is about to those who haven’t visited yet the city of the lion…

Here is our first list…

For culture and lifestyle lovers…

Peranakan mugs: inspired by the tiles we can see in Peranakan houses around town, these mugs can bring a little of Singapore to your friends back home. They will remember you every morning…

Price: 18,60 SGD.


Peranakan stationery: unique creations inspired by traditional Peranakan and Singaporean culture: little and cute notebooks, lacquer boxes to keep your jewels, IPhone cases or wrapping paper, as well as masking tape inspired by the Peranakan tiles are some of the products with a lovely Singaporean flair to take back or gift your family or friends.

Price range from 11 SGD to 160 SGD.


Singapore Journey Candle: this candle is inspired by the essences and lovely scents of frangipani and ginger and the illustration was made by a local artist. This candle will bring back Singapore’s fragrance to anybody’s home…

Price: 35 SGD. Available in stores.


The Red Thread Quartet: through romance and historical data, what a better way to (re)discover the ancient Singapore. The author of this series of 4 books brings back the atmosphere of Old Singapore where piracy, crime, triads and tigers were commonplace.

Price 1,99 SGD (Kindle version) and 15,17 SGD (paperback version)

The red thread Singapore

For food lovers…

Breakfast Spreads: how about a jar of this addictive and homemade marmalades showcasing local flavors such as Singapore Sling, Tropical Calamansi*. Unless you want to tease your tastebuds and try the Spice Island option ? And of course, no local breakfast would forget the Kaya spread!

* The calamansi lime is not much larger than a grape but it packs a big flavor. Its orange flesh is often described as tasting somewhere between a mandarin orange and a lemon.

Price: Marmalades: 14,50 SGD. Hainanese Kaya: 8 SGD.


Singapore’s Sambal: Because Singapore is nothing without its famous Sambal, here comes a lovely set to celebrate the country’s 50th anniversary. Handcrafted sambals quintet celebrating Singapore’s rich culinary heritage: Sambal Tumis with Honey Mango, Red Sambal Belado, Salted Fish Sambal, Kampong Sambal, and Sambal Belachan with Thai Basil and Pineapple.

Price for set of 5: 50 SGD.


Chocolates & Sweets: You can be tempted to bring back home a unique gastronomic journey with Janice Wong’s amazing yet daring creations : say chocolate bonbons and she will come up combinations such as Chilli padi, Gula Melaka Kaya, Kaffir lime Caramel, Laksa leaf Lemongrass or the audacious Praline Poprocks Bahkwa*. Unique flavors and combinations that you can only find in Singapore.

*Bakkwa, also known as rougan (肉干), is a Chinese salty-sweet dried meat product similar to jerky.

Price for set of 5: 15 SGD. Available at Janice Wong Pop up store in MBS, B2-K6


Heritage flavors’ cookies: for the friends who dare the most, you may want to offer them a Hae Bee Hiam, Nasi Lemak or Pandan chiffon taste cookies. Sure you won’t find these in any other country!

Price: 47 SGD.


Marinades and sauces: how to make a dish taste more local? this range of sauces based on Shermay’s family recipes and Singapore’s rich culinary heritage is the hint. They include ready-to-eat condiments, such as chilli sauce, and ready-to-cook marinades, such as cilicuka* and bak kwa*.

*Cilicuka is a traditional Singaporean red chilli sauce that has moderate heat with a refreshing and tangy vinegar flavor. Bakkwa, also known as rougan (肉干), is a Chinese salty-sweet dried meat product similar to jerky.

Price: 47 SGD.


Teas with local flavors and aromas: from a Pandan Chiffon tea (inspired and named after this local favorite dessert cake) a blend of roasted green tea, pandan leaves, osmanthus blossoms and cinnamon; to a more sophisticated sip of Singapore with either the Orchid and Garden tea which will call to mind the moments created in the Garden City.

Garden Tea is a delicate blend of the finest Ceylon leaves and beautiful, natural rose petals. Best savored in the evening. Orchid Tea is an enchanting blend of Oolong tea with genuine orchid petals. A light floral aroma, coupled with sweet fruity flavors and a rich, creamy vanilla.

Price: Pandan chiffon: 26SGD (50g tin); Sip of Singapore: 29 SGD (2 x 30g tin)



Want more ideas? We’ll keep on digging to find other unique products you can bring as an original souvenir of Singapore!


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