My hubby flirted with both Angelina Jolie & Audrey Hepburn the same day! –

My hubby flirted with both Angelina Jolie & Audrey Hepburn the same day!

Well this is Madame Tussauds’ fault! But he was so happy that it was worth the visit!

If you also want to make your dream come true and take a picture of yourself with Johnny, Leo, David, Gaga, Madonna or many others, you can, from tomorrow, come and visit the 18th Worldwide Madame Tussauds that will open its doors in less than 24 hours. And this one has a boat ride that is unique to the Singapore attraction.

Madame Tussauds, born Marie Grosholtz in 1761, learns her skills to wax likenesses during the French revolution. When She is 17, she became art tutor to French King Louis XVI’s sister in Versailles and it is during the French Revolution where she is forced by feudalistic nobles to make death masks of executed aristocrats. Later, at the beginning of the 19th century, she moves to Britain where she start exhibiting her relics and effigies of public heroes and crooks.

Her exhibitions provided an insight into worldwide events like wars, nobility and political news. Being able to see the wax sculptures of leading men and, in the Chamber of Horrors, notorious villains put faces to the names on everyone’s lips and captured the public imagination.

Each figure takes 3 months to be realized, 20 studio artists are involved in it and over 250 precise measurements are taken before a star can be exposed in its wax figure. The attraction features amazing details such as arm pit hairs and eyebrow shaping. Marilyn Monroe, Lady Gaga or Nelson Mandela, they are all there.

Incredible but true, I even kissed Johnny Depp on the lips and he seemed to like it :)! Which one will YOU pick?

Oh, I almost forgot, kids have fun too!

Ticket is priced 30 S$ for adults and 20 S$ for children. Discounts are offered when booking directly online.

Madame Tussauds Singapore is located at Imbiah Lookout in the existing Images of Singapore building. 

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