Living la vida Peranakan –

Living la vida Peranakan

Or at least, getting a glimpse of how this unique culture means to Singapore and the surrounding countries by visiting this, now museum, Baba House. This Chinese + local marriage born culture has its own rules, habits, dishes, and way of living…
Baba House was inhabited for over a century by a Chinese family, and was given as a gift from Ms Agnes Tan to the National University of Singapore to honor her father and roots.
Opened in 2008, after 2 years of renovation and thorough investigation and documentation, the Baba House can be visited in small groups and by appointment only and will show you some of the exceptionalities of this hybrid culture… from where the daughters of the Baba (male of the house in the Peranakan culture) could spot the visitors and sometimes see their future husband for the first time… The nuptial costumes and how they would share a bedroom for the first time after being married to that “unknown” man…

A 1 hour visit that will render even more interesting the read we recommended a while ago The Red Thread‘ where much of the story happens in a Peranakan house

And if you are traveling to Malacca, you can also visit the Baba-Nonya house there!

Free entrance. Visits are by appointment only.

Address: 157 Neil Road
Visitors are required to sign up in advance for heritage tours which are offered on Mondays 2pm, Tuesdays 6.30pm, Thursdays 10am, and Saturdays 11am. Tours are about 1 hour each.
Enquiries: [65] 6227 5731 –


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