Living an indulgent gluten-free life –

Living an indulgent gluten-free life

No, gluten-free plates do not necessarily have to be gloomy… here, just for you, is a little selection of gluten-free picks that can easily be found island-wide, for the sake of health and the comfort of our hearts and palates!

Dining options:

Seeking a gluten-free dine-out destination? Go for delicious Eggs Benedicts (from 13$) at Oriole Coffee + Bar, paired with a lovely coffee to enjoy a nice breakfast or quick lunch.
At Osteria Mozza you can enjoy freshly made pasta, salads and comforting gluten-free dishes. And if you really want to indulge in a total gluten-free pasta tasting, there is a set just for you, showcasing no less than 5 pasta dishes, 2 types of gluten-free pasta, made with corn or rice flour, with 5 different garnishes and a dessert (98$).
Another destination welcoming anyone interested in a full gluten-free meal is the lovely Halia within the beautiful Raffles hotel. There you can expect a specific “gluten-free menu” and taste dishes like goat’s cheese mousse with honey (18$), a beautiful chicken sous-vide (35$) and a marvellous dessert called Milk Chocolate cloud (10$), made of chocolate mousse, strawberry and lime granite, popping candy and freeze dried strawberry. Pure indulgence guaranteed!

Or you can try some crusty and exciting gluten-free pizzas at Crust Pizza. Try their seafood (26$) or vegetarian supreme (23$).

Vegetarian Gluten Free Pizza Singapore

Jonathan’s features a lovely range of simple yet delicious fares such as burgers, thin freshly baked pizzas, mains and salads. The Buddha Bowl (20$) for example features roasted vegetables with brown rice, and is perfectly tossed with rice oil and honey.

Comforting and flavorful sweet options are also on display: dairy free & gluten free lemon meringue cake (7$), dairy free & gluten free coconut chocolate cake (8$), dairy & egg free honey banana muffin (4.50$), best-seller red velvet cupcake (5$), vanilla muffin (5$), cinnamon bun (5$), dairy free peanut butter donut (5$)

Loving Hut Café has a wide selection of vegetarian dishes and some hearty gluten free creations, such as the healthy Classic Garden Soup (7.90$), the fresh and comforting Chickin-chop-portobello (14.90$) or the just as delicious Asian gluten-free fares replacing soy sauce with tamarind seasoning (Black pepper mushroom royal vegetarian hot plate set (12.90$) and TomYam Ocean Hotpot set (12.90$). Snacks, chocolate and small bites to take away are also available.

Gluten free dish Singapore

We have also located at Edge some yummy gluten-free breads, but above all a wonderful Red Velvet cake and brownies for those who cannot take gluten but still definitely have a sweet tooth!

Gluten free sausages delivered straight to your door in sidecar!

9 variants (Italian pork and fennel, spicy Spanish chorizo and rocket, British Cumberland, Thai chicken, basil and lime, country breakfast, chicken with cheese and tomato, German bratwurst, thin mild pork chipolatas suitable for kids etc) of freshly hand-crafted gluten free sausages, all natural ingredients with limited fat content and no preservatives (25$ per kg).


Oriole Coffee + Bar
Osteria Mozza
The Halia


Crust Pizza
Loving Hut


Sweet gluten-free picks:
Soft chocolates from Pacific Market Place: the decadent truffles come in matcha, rum, red wine, passion fruit, and raspberry flavours.
Candies from Victoria: fruits, eucalyptus, they are all natural and gluten free. An organic range is also available.
Cupcakes: a healthier and gluten-free option with the flourless dark chocolate, a real treat with 70% Valrhona chocolate (6$ each, adorable mini versions also available and sold in boxes of 12 at $39).


Pacific Market Place
Artisan Cupcakes

East Manhattan bakery: Get a walnut boule (8$) or a buckwheat flaxseed bread (8$) to replace traditional breads. Or simply go for the soft and tasty gluten-free muffins (3.50$). Just as tasty!

Baker’s well: The walnut bread made of rice flour & roasted lentils (8.80$) and plain rice flour and roasted lentils bread (7.80$) come in a lovely gluten free version. Corn flour almond pillows cookies with no egg and no butter (25$) are just as beautiful treats. A selection of tailored-made gluten-free cakes is also available upon request.


East Manhattan Bakery
Baker’s well



DIY gluten-free bread and cakes with 100% natural nut butters. Pistachio, almond, hazelnut, macadamia, black sesame, cashew-sesame… name any nut and they all come in spreads to be used as they are or in baking preparations.
Wanna give it a try? Here you can find 2 lovely recipes, the first one using almond flour and the second one, using a combination of almond and coconut flour.

Hunters Kitchenette

New organic gluten free online grocer:

Association: Singapore Celiacs support for gluten free living:


Any gluten-free deliciousness that you would like to see in this list? Send us your recommendation to


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