If Cinderella had had these… –

If Cinderella had had these…

If Cinderella had had these shoes, she wouldn’t have run…

We don’t mean that you can not run with them; believe us, we have done a few kilometers with those in our feet to catch up that bus that will not wait for you even if the driver sees you are waving your hand like a crazy while running towards him, or to get that taxi on the other side of the road, but we better recommend you to use them to have an everyday comfy and chic look.

4 different and unique looks, from the natural leather (to the metallic blue or bronze or the black glitter) have come to town for you to mix and match your look with one of them, depending on whether you want a more natural look or a more sophisticated one; your feet always feeling comfortable. A little heel will make you step up without feeling any discomfort.

clogs bosabo Singapore

These clogs are a fashion statement as well as eco-friendly, and once you wear them, you won’t take the chance to run at midnight and ending loosing one, you’d better stay all night long partying in keep them both in your feet!

If the Prince wants to find Cinderella, he can choose a different excuse this time. Like for example, finding a pair of vintage earrings or necklaces, or rings, or bracelets, or… that will sublime her princess’ beauty. (The princes can also find them by herself… don’t get us wrong 😉 )

If Cinderella wants to have a nice time and take a look at some beautiful vintage jewelry, these comfy clogs, and other accessories, she can come next Friday 26th of February, from 1:30PM to 5:30PM to a cozy sale happening at 1 Chatsworth road, #04-25, 249745 – 500m from Tanglin mall

Prices range from 29 to 290 sgd.

Accessories and clog sale Singapore Accessories and clog sale Singapore


Accessories and clog sale Singapore

Real Vintage jewelry proposed by Esprit Mademoiselle, who digs around the world to find the most unique pieces of vintage jewelry, crafted in the 20s, each one has a little story or past, Cinderella would be glad to listen to them. Her FB page is here.

Esprit Mademoiselle supports the cause of MOMS WITH CANCER

If Cinderella is busy this upcoming Friday 26th but still wants to be treated as a princess, she can send an email for a private visit of the showrooms. Click here!

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