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My dearest Singapore Diary,

Singapore,­ what a beautiful city you are and I must admit you took me by surprise. When we decided to relocate here, I did not expect you to be so familiar, but yet so new.

The versatile architecture makes you very good looking and your enormous mix of cultures, that live here, define your interesting character. Adding different parts of your personality through your incredible colorful cultures from Peranakan, Chinese to Indian and mixing that with the warming sun and lots of pouring rain, creates a special aura that is unique to you.

You make me feel like home at times, as you have many western faces in your personality. Sometimes I forget I am in Asia, when walking through the CBD you can look like NYC and the you’ll talk in queen’s English, but the “ok, lah, can!” brings us back to our lovely ground.

While getting used to you, there are still a bunch of things that are surprising and, as much as I love you dear Singapore, there are many things I still have to discover and I am sure you will keep surprising me and our friendship is going to last very long time.


Here are just 5 of the many things that have surprised me so far!

English + Singapore = Singlish, lah!
1. Oh Singapore, I still remember the first day that I met you Singapore, it was hard o understand what you were saying and I have to admit it still is often today, lah!

2. My Goodness! Why, oh why is there no bus line map on the buses! Your SG bus app is the best app ever! So accurate (Singaporean way), so easy (once you understand that you have to tap on your phone screen to make the time
appear), but once you get into the bus, it is a no man’s land! Where do I stop, or even find the bus station!

3. My hair, my poor hair… What have you done to it? Do you hate me so much? Adding 2 kilo of moisturizing mask per day (right before adding 2 kilo of anti frizzing mask to it too) helps, but I still look like if have had put my fingers in an electrical plug socket. Luckily “chignons” are fashion these days…

4. And my face… What have you done to my face? I look like a teenager again, and it is not because all my wrinkles have magically disappeared, but because of those new little pimples and this oily skin!!

5. And why did I become XL sized and Big Footed from one day to the other? I used to be a size M before getting to Singapore! Maybe I became a sponge, absorbing Singapore¹s humidity, without realizing?


My list could go on, dearest Diary, but I am going to take a break and enjoy
a nice Singapore sling!





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