Go with the float! –

Go with the float!

No, this is not the next spaceship; you better consider it as your self-time capsule. No more internet connections, no more children running around, no more traffic,… it is only you and the floating water.

Once you enter into this floating bath, your body will immediately float thanks to the high condensation of water that Palm Avenue puts in it. Music will start and last for 10 minutes while you adapt your body to that floating sensation. In total, your body floats for 60 or 90 minutes (recommended for more experienced Yogis) while your mind relax and focuses on your breathing.

You could spend hours chatting with Derrick, Palm Avenue Float Club founder, about all the benefits of a floating bath. He really is into it. One of his favorite sentences could be “Make Floating Baths, Not War”.

Floating Baths help to meditate, to relax, to un-stress and rebalance the left and right cortex of the brain.

Floatation is good for your mind and body. Woman-bathing

It all started in Portland, California, where Derrick discovered this therapy.

After trying it for himself for a few years, he decided to open a mindful space on the East Coast where customers come and leave all their anxieties behind.

You may be impressed by the capsule the first time, but don’t worry, you are safe in it and the team is always around to make the most of each session.

If you are thinking of giving it a try, you can enjoy 15 SGD discount on the introductory 3-Pack Special thanks to The Singapore Diaries check that. Just include the code TSD when booking online and the 3 60 minutes sessions would cost you 150 SGD instead of 165 SGD. You can use the 3 sessions for yourself, or you can invite 2 friends to join you for your first floating bath. Each one of you will have its own bath and can be done at the same time, for more fun!

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