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Flower Power

For centuries, people have been drinking Chamomile Tea for it’s calming and relaxing effects but have you ever seen Chamomile as a beauty essential?

For years, models, celebrities and beauty experts have been using this  little secret helper to improve skin conditions.

Here are  6 astounding benefits of Chamomile tea you don’t wanna miss!

Chamomile Tea benefits

1) Chamomile is rich in antioxidant, it helps to fight acne and breakouts. It also

works wonders to eliminate acne scars.

Why not try a chamomile tea rinse, it helps reduce and soothes swelling, inflammation, itchy skin.


2) Chamomile tea is infused with healing properties that help to sooth skin rashes,

eczema and prevent bacterial infection. It can sooth minor burns and sunburns.

Rinse your lovely face with warm Chamomile tea.


3) It has muscle-relaxing properties. It relaxes muscles of the uterus and gives relief

from menstrual cramps. It increases the level of glycine, which reduces muscle spasms.

Do note that excessive consumption of chamomile tea can upset the stomach



4) It is also found that chamomile is highly beneficial in preventing and eliminating

dandruff. Moreover, it also soothes irritated scalp too.

Apply warm Chamomile tea before washing your hair, be careful not to burn yourself!


5) Chamomile can reduce under-eye dark circles and puffiness. It also soothes your

tired eyes.

Try placing used and cooled down chamomile tea bags under the eyes for 15

minutes to see results.


6) With its effective sedative component, it provides a good sleep and relief from

troubled sleeping. In addition, it relieves stress too. 

The best-recommended time for drinking chamomile tea is an hour before turning in.

So now go and grab a cup of Chamomile Tea! Cheers to you!

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