Fine dining for kiddies ! –

Fine dining for kiddies !

Restaurant Week is not only for grown-ups, Singaporeans Mini-Me now have their share of the pie.

KIDS RESTAURANT WEEKEND it’s happening for the Very First Time in Singapore; children up to the age of 12 will dine in style with a host of three-course kid’s menus specially designed to tantalize their tastebuds on 18 and 19 October.

A thoughtful initiative to expose our little ones to the treasures of gastronomy and refinement. If after the experience they no longer ask you for nuggets and fries, you might have won a first battle ;)!

Give them a taste of chicken marinated in yoghurt and cashew paste served with cheese in a mini burger bun, of fresh fish with ginger served like fish & chips, or a bite of choco papdi chaat. Also on the menu are pickled herrings, root vegetable fries with cherry tomato marmalade and raspberry balsamic dressing and a dark chocolate caramel bananas lollipop rainbow rice…

Accompanying adults can taste the Restaurant Week Menu when dining with their children at these restaurants one week before the Singapore Restaurant Week or order a la Carte.

Price: $15++ for lunch and $20++ for dinner

Booking online

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