Fast and furious freebies when booking a restaurant! –

Fast and furious freebies when booking a restaurant!

Weel for wheel, loy for loyalty, Weeloy is a new app and website, which enables you to book in a minute and get a chance to win among others, a drink, a discount, a bottle of champagne, a 1 for 1 or even a free meal at selected outlets!

An extensive selection of dining destinations is available at a click: French, Italian, Japanese, Thai but also more local flavors, there is to each its taste and concepts… Restaurants, cafés, or bars with great views, diners can go for a crunchy waffle, plumpy burgers or the signature creations of the house.

Easy as a spin and totally free, you book online in … just a minute, you receive a code on your phone and, upon arrival into the restaurant, the game can really start. Grab the tablet provided and feel like you are in a remake of “The Wheel of Fortune”: take a deep breath and spin it hard to discover what you have won.

And if you need help to pick a destination, just log in and check the restaurants with the best ratings showing the best value-for-money offers. Forget chasing the best deals your credit card entitles you to…Weeloy is your new fun way to enjoy food with ease and surprise freebies.

Now, spin & win, let the spinning begin…


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Weeloy app on ITunes

Weeloy app on Android

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