Escapade in magic Laos: the former French protectorate rimes with smile, peace & delight –

Escapade in magic Laos: the former French protectorate rimes with smile, peace & delight

Singapore is not only a great place to live in, but also a great bounding platform to travel around Asia.

What about a short, and out of the path escapade to Lao? Here are some suggestions…

This is a one-of-a-kind travel place, where Mother Nature reigns. A unique and rather unknown destination, where time stops and all senses are stimulated…

3 places to stay in Luang Prabang: 3 experiences

Former royal capital of Lao, until 1563, and designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1995, beautiful Luang Prabang is dominated by Mount Phousi and pops up from the forest at the confluence between the Mekong and the Nam Khan river. The city is a consecrated union between earth and water, and between the city and the countryside. Travelers enjoy strolling in this quaint city made of 33 temples and no less than 111 French-inspired buildings, wander around the local and night markets, listen to the religious chants, sit quietly at the gate of a temple, watch the morning rituals or share a game of French pétanque.


Luang Say Residence : a chic colonial fare

A nice hotel option is to rest in the voluptuous and quiet Luang Say Residence, which revisits a former colonial dream. Located in a tropical garden spotted with lotus, this is a spacious manor house with big verandas and red tiles. Reviving the history of former pioneers of the Mekong, it is an invitation to feel the spirit of adventure of the French explorers of the 20th century.



Homestay Laos: experience authentic Laos life

If traveling rimes with local flavors and authentic living, then this family Homestay is a perfect option, especially for families. Located a few kilometers from the city center, expect real life in this simple yet charming holiday cottage. The owners are an adorable welcoming Franco-Lao couple, who will not hesitate to treat you to a real Baci ceremony and share the history of the country. They live with their daughter and her local grandparents, which makes this stay unique, colourful and rich in emotions.

The Sanctuary: a central peaceful stay

Very well located a few meters from the night market and local attractions, this hotel is peaceful and freshly designed with wooden furniture and art exhibitions in the lobby. Rooms are spacious and breakfast is a treat in itself. Expect coconut doughnut, homemade yoghurt and fresh fruits and… a cheerful service!

In Luang Prabang early mornings are best enjoyed at sunrise in the tiny streets observing young monks receiving their daily offerings. From there on, best is to enjoy local life on a bicycle or on a motorbike to reach the splendid Kuangsy waterfall and its lovely bears, wriggling and zigzagging among flashy phosphorescent butterflies…

Lao is an unexplored, authentic, quaint country where anyone will find inner peace, calm and serendipity, a beautiful well preserved destination fortunately still untouched by mass tourism.


Muang La Resort, an ultimate poetic pause in North Laos

You don’t arrive here by chance; the Muang La Resort is clearly a destination, a little jewel well deserved after some perseverance and patience. Behind heavy wooden doors and far from the city bustle, time comes to explore our five senses and the four elements. Let the lapping of the water, the stroke of the air, the scents & fragrances, the light of the torches and the warmth of the hot spring guide you.

10 rooms only for this interpretation of paradise, a natural hot spring supplying 2 mini pools for the clients, but also a place where locals can enjoy the charms of bathing. In this hidden nature reserve tourism rimes with respect of the locals and their traditions. Luxury is to indulge in a 2-night-stay, including a divine outdoor traditional massage facing the Nam Pak River, followed by a memorable dinner on the deck. On the menu is a set feast celebrating the local aromatic flavours: tilapia ceviche, fresh summer rolls, chicken or fish curry, exotic fruit crumble. Herbal tea lovers will happily select and pick a few leaves of mint, lemongrass, blue pea flowers, Akha tea or lao basil to infuse their freshly boiled water. Waking up at dawn is a must here, in order to capture and relish a bit more of this amazing surrounding peace, before hopping on a 4X4 to conquer the three local minorities of the adjacent Ikhos and Hmong villages.Lao-massage

Pakbeng Lodge, a supreme stopover along the Mekong River

A nice place to spend a night on the way back from the north in the direction of Luang Prabang is this comfortable lodge located right on the water. After a little stroll in the organic garden and a non touristic tour on an elephant’s back, time comes to admire the majestic creature’s bathing ritual, as they chew huge stems of papaya trees (did you know that the teeth of elephants grow back 6 times in their lifetime?).


In the evening, simply enjoy a nice flavorful homemade dinner on the terrace, freshened up by the giant wooden fans. Next morning, a riverboat awaits the lodgers and takes them on a 7-hour daily cruise to the city of Luang Prabang. The Mekong is surprisingly peaceful, scattered with sandbanks and very few houses, this cruise is a romantic journey full of promising evasion. Soon after reaching the port of Luang Prabang in the afternoon, cruisers appreciate to pamper themselves with an excellent therapeutic massage at the Peninsula Sauna & Massage Center. After which they will test their balance, hopping on a canoe taking them to Dyen Sabai, their dinner destination to enjoy local flavors; another gourmet option is Tangor, a wonderful temple celebrating Asia’s scents and savors in a European-Asian spirit.

We stop here… to let you discover the rest by yourself…


More information: 

Designing a bespoke trip: Asia Safari / – Tel : +856 21 243 446

Hotels :

° Muang La Resort : Muang La District, Oudom Xay Province, Lao PDR / – Tel : +856 21 243 446

° Pakbeng Lodge : Sayabouri Province 
LAO P.D.R – Tel : +856 (0) 20 55570228

° The Luang Say Residence – 4-5 Ban Phonepheng, P.O. Box 507, Luang Prabang, Lao PDR Tel: +856 (0) 71 260 891-5 

° The Sanctuary – Kitsalat Road, Ban Aham, Luang Prabang, Laos PDR -
 Tel: 856-71-213 777 – /

° Homestay-Laos – Ban Donemai Luang Prabang LAO PDR – Tel: +8562056922424

Restaurants in Luang Prabang :

° Tangor : House No.63/6, Ban Xiengmouane, Rue Sisavangvong.
Luang Prabang
Tél : +856 (0)71 260 761

° Dyen sabai : Ban Phan Louang PO BOX 805, Luang Prabang Tel: +856 20 55 104 817

° La Belle Epoque : 4-5 Ban Phonepheng (The Luang Say Residence)

Massage :

° Peninsula Sauna & Massage Centre 

Tel: +856 (0) 20 55675282 or +856 (0) 71 253 411


Art gallery, photography & antics :

° Gallery Asiama : Vat Nong House N°41 Luang Prabang / Tel : +856 20 28 29 10 91 –

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