Connecting Singapore, Southeast Asian, African & Western Art –

Connecting Singapore, Southeast Asian, African & Western Art

With 3 different galleries, the just-about-to-open Singapore Pinacothèque de Paris museum is certainly bringing a different view of art to the city of the Lion.
The Heritage Gallery, with a free admission, offers a vision of different and ancient relics coming from distinct countries of origin and artistic sources.
The Collections Gallery, with over 40 rarely-seen masterpieces explains, through art, the artistic connection between different continents and at close periods of time. Modigliani, Picasso, Rembrandt, Monet, Pollock and other “primitivism” figures play together in the same room, and by observing and digging a little bit, you’ll see their crossed influences.
The Features, a temporary Gallery featuring “The Myth of Cleopatra” (May 30 to October 11) will show you this persona from a complete artistic point of view including ancient sculptures, history, opera and movie costumes.
Children and adults can join The Art Academy and enroll the different lectures, seminars and workshops. Children can deepen their understanding of Art through a series of experimental hands-on projects referring back to the masterpieces featured in the Singapore Pinacothèque de Paris.

This new and intimate museum is housed in the rejuvenated Fort Canning Arts Centre, a historical and exceptional place in the heart of Singapore.

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