Clothes swopping instead of clothes shopping! –

Clothes swopping instead of clothes shopping!

Delve into the darkest recesses of your closets and dig out all those clothes you’ve fallen out of love with, those items relegated to the back of the wardrobe unloved and no longer worn. Clear them out and make space for clothes that you will wear.

And what do you do with the weeded out items that are just too good to throw away?

TOPSWOP is the answer! Instead of clothes shopping why not try clothes swopping?

Brought to you by professional Image Consultant, Maninder Krishnan, from Image & Me and self-confessed shopaholic, Donna Donald, TOPSWOP is the ultimate environmentally friendly clothes swop experience.

The idea is simple – ladies bring their fabulous, unloved, as good as new clothes, shoes, bags and accessories, try on others and take home whatever takes their fancy.  It’s not a sale of pre-loved clothes or a one-for-one exchange and there’s no need to negotiate a ‘top-up-price’. You simply pay an entrance fee ($35) which includes refreshments, door prizes and professional style advice.  The only ‘rules’ are that you bring good quality items in clean, reusable condition – you won’t find any freebie corporate tanks and T’s at TOPSWOP!

At the end of the swop people can either take home the items they brought if they haven’t been nabbed by anyone, otherwise all the leftovers are donated to two local charities.

A piece of clothing discarded by one woman may be picked up by someone of a different age with totally different body shape and style and it will work for them when they wear it in their own unique way.

So, if you fancy a fun afternoon of refashioning with like-minded women start weeding out those fashion faux-pas, bring them to TOPSWOP and swop them for new-to-you pieces that you’ll love to wear again and again.

When? Saturday, 1 November 2014, from 3:30pm to 6pm

Where? The address will be given to you once you register!

Book your TopSwop here!


Just for TSD readers, Image & Me offers a 2 hr wardrobe review session @ $299 instead of $400 to help you work out the do’s and dont’s for your body proportions, body shape and style personality. This will make your wardrobe weeding a breeze.


  • Advise on design details, fabrics and cuts that suit your body type, so you never make shopping mistakes again
  • Advise on mixing and matching accessories to create a versatile wardrobe

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