Bhutan: a meditative inspiring retreat with Her Majesty Happiness –

Bhutan: a meditative inspiring retreat with Her Majesty Happiness

Did you know that a mere 750 000 souls lived in this secluded country located between China and India? Bhutan is a kind of temple where time stops. In this country, which has chosen to differentiate itself by its Growth National Happiness (GNH) economic index rather than a too ordinary Growth Domestic Product (GDP), you will not see any advertising campaign whatsoever, no traffic light either and smoking is strictly forbidden*. Bhutan is definitely a promising land: an invitation to live differently, a place where simple joys reign with authenticity.



A unique source of inspiration

Bhutan is definitely an inspiring country, which owes its success to four pillars: a reliable and well-respected government, a clear proximity with nature, an immense respect of culture and traditions and a thriving economy, which aims to be self-sufficient. Its beloved Majesty together with the government established in 2008 care more than ever: yes economic growth is a priority, but not at any cost. If tourism is the country’ s second biggest source of revenue (after hydro-electricity), the founding principles need to be respected. Touristic visas are hence not accessible for anyone, visitors need to be accompanied by a designated guide at all times, and the government requires to levy a portion of the agencies incomes in order to offer free education and medical care for everyone in the country. Bhutanese also inspire by their sense of solidarity, an attention and care that visitors can testify to, when randomly encountering a group of neighbours giving a helpful hand to one another on a construction site to build a house in the middle of the night. Between anecdotes in dzongkha** and a few sips of Ara rice alcohol, the atmosphere is as joyous as can be.Bhutan-trip

An hymn to Mother Nature 

              A trip in the country of happiness could start with a one-day excursion to the mythical Tiger’s Nest, which invites us to go above 3120 meters of altitude. You can then drive on the unique road linking the East to the West of the country, a beautiful drive full of rhododendrons and colourful magnolias. You can also spend memorable nights camping in the mountains, escorted by a guide, a cook and a shepherd helping with the logistics, while chewing their areca nut and betel leave, which gives them this unique audacious reddish smile.Bhutan-trip

Rosy-cheeked kids smile like nowhere else here, they spontaneously put their hands in ours, thereby offering to join the walk among the majestic temples on the Himalayan mountain or our visit of the Paro or Punakha forts, or the 51-meter Thimphu Buddha covered with gold leaves. Although discrete and preserved the population boasts an impressive level of English and is always happy to share stories and invite travelers into their homes.Bhutan-trip-4

A retreat in Bhutan is a mix of journey, adventure and experience. It is above all an invitation to see beyond and look up to something bigger than us. Among contrasted rice paddies valleys and sumptuous mountains, two games of khuru darts, prayer wheels and numerous stupas, a serving of chili cheese and a cup or roasted rice, Bhutan is in itself an invitation to dig into ourselves, to self-explore and reconnect with our essence. A real immersion in nature where serenity, meditation, spirituality and peace prevail, so as to heal our soul, and so much more…Bhutan-trip

* Established in 2008, the government took the unique worldwide initiative of banning any consumption of tobacco in the country.

** Official language


Organise your trip:

Restaurants will be recommended by your guide, they usually consists of local buffets which include rice, chicken, fried vegetables and the famous chilli cheese dish. For those who fancy a nice pizza, fresh spring rolls or a hamburger after the camping, The Latest Recipe will be the perfect destination.



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