A Stylist just for you, and for Free! –

A Stylist just for you, and for Free!

How many times have you dreamed of Carrie Bradshaw’s wardrobe? Not having that daily problem of what to wear, even when your wardrobe is full you feel there is nothing inside…

Well, you need a specialist to decrypt your style, to tell you what to keep on your wardrobe and what are the 3 or 4 missing pieces to complete the puzzle so that you look wonderful each day by using a few tips.

Today it is your lucky day because Inverted Edge, a contemporary boutique that showcases Fashion Designers from Asia, Pacific and beyond! is willing to get you over this problem. How? Keep on reading…

Invite up to 2 girl-friends for a cozy, friendly and professional styling session in a modern showroom well hidden in Singapore. But prior to having fun with your friends by feeling Pretty Woman, you’ll have the exclusivity to receive a personal shopper and stylist at your home, yes you heard correctly, a stylist will come to your and your friend’s home for FREE (worth more than 300$ each session), and she will help you find the thread that defines your style, she will tell you what are the clothes you should keep and wear and how to pimp them up with a few more ever lasting items.

Afterwards, you’ll meet up with the stylist at Inverted Edge, who will choose the perfect fits for you, from their more than 70 Fashion Designers and will give you an additional round of personal fashion tips by showing you what to wear in each occasion according to your needs, wills and body shape. A private styling session that you and your friends will enjoy.

Your friends will love you forever and you will never say that you have nothing to wear again.

Tell Inverted Age that you love The Singapore Diaries, and they’ll treat you with a special gift with any purchase.

If you want to be one of the lucky 10 that will enjoy from these 2 styling sessions, do sign up here (we will not share your info) and don’t forget to invite up to 2 girl-friends so that the fun is shared! You’ll receive the before and after pictures and you’ll be amazed!

If you know exactly what you need, you can do your shopping online now!

Want more? We are inviting you to this Thursday’s Inverted Edge party where you will glide into your Summer Vacation with a night of refined taste and indulgence. Print out the below invite!

IE invite


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