A different kind of trail –

A different kind of trail

3 Diverse-City Trails have been designed by The Thought Collective and powered by Ben & Jerry’s to make participants understand the modern Singapore from the perspective of key community stakeholders and discover different issues like social cohesion.
From March 16th till September 16th people will have the opportunity to visit these 1.5 hours experiential trails than run in 3 different locations of the city, each trail talking about a different social dynamic happening in that specific neighborhood.
You won’t feel the same after you have done it.
These trails are one-of-a-kind and are not fancy trails
(by the way, don’t wear any high heels) but something deep inside you happens when allowing yourself to discover what each one of these neighborhoods have to, so secretly, say.

Trail 1: Little India – Fridays from 6pm to 7.30PM – The heart of a living community: “Step into the shoes of our friends in Little India and find out how a little openness and understanding go a long way.”
Trail 2: Toa Payoh – Saturdays from 10AM to 11.30AM – A beginner’s guide to social innovation: “One of Singapore’s oldest housing estates, Toa Payoh was once Singapore’s ground test for various social innovations to build cohesion amongst communities. Step into this HDB community to understand how social cohesion and individuality are forged.”
Trail 3: Jalan Besar – Sundays from 10.30AM to 12PM – Embracing the possibility for unexpected change: “Change often requires new people to take the lead and look out for everyone in the community. Come and explore how trust can be built between communities to share the common space.”

The Thought Collective shares the common purpose of building up Singapore’s social and emotional capital. This group of social enterprises offers new possibilities in the way we think, live and serve as a community.

Ben & Jerry’s Foundation which aims to support economic and social justice, environmental restoration and peace through understanding, is helping The Thought Collective in this social project to engage the community of foreigners and locals and inspire them to build an even better Singapore together.

Do go for at least one of those trails, you won’t see Singapore and Ben & Jerry’s the same way!

Price: 25 SGD trails.thethoughtcollective.com.sg (tickets available from March 16th). The first 300 signups will enjoy an early bird ticket price of 20 SGD.

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